4 Reasons Why Redland Dance Might Be The Perfect Fit For Your Child

When it comes to choosing the right dance school for your child, there are many factors to consider. From the type of dance to the level of instruction, it’s important to find the right fit for your little one. So why choose Redland Dance in Cleveland? Here are 4 reasons why we might just be the perfect fit for your toddler, preschooler or teen!

Versatile Dance Classes for All Ages and Abilities

Redland Dance offers a wide range of classes for children of all ages and abilities, from Ballet to Musical Theatre, Jazz Dance, and more. Whether your child is just starting out or has been dancing for years, we have a class that will suit their needs and help them grow as a dancer.

Our classes include:

  • Preschool Ballet Classes
  • Ballet Classes
  • Acro Classes
  • Musical Theatre Classes
  • Jazz Dance Classes – including Commercial Jazz and Broadway Jazz for older dancers
  • Contemporary Dance Classes
  • Tap Dance Classes

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Experienced and Qualified Instructors

Our team of dance instructors are highly trained and experienced, with a passion for teaching and a commitment to helping every child reach their full potential. With our focus on fun and creativity, your child will love coming to dance class each week!

A Safe and Encouraging Learning Environment

At Redland Dance, we understand the importance of a safe and supportive learning environment. Right from our very youngest dancers, we are committed to providing positive reinforcement and creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages children to grow, learn, and have fun.

Opportunities to Showcase Their Skills

Redland Dance provides many opportunities for children to showcase their skills, from Parent Watching Week to annual concerts and more. These events give children the chance to show off what they’ve learned and build confidence in their abilities. Our students and instructors have been involved in numerous productions and events, from famous international musicals like Matilda and Billy Elliot to local shows all over Queensland.

So, if you’re looking for a dance school that offers versatile classes, experienced instructors, a supportive environment, as well as opportunities for your child to showcase their skills, look no further than Redland Dance! We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect class here, providing your child with a strong foundation and appreciation for the arts.

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