Musical Theatre Classes - Redland DanceRedland Dance

Musical Theatre

Singing, Dancing and Acting, our students explore, discover and create their way to the stage in a supportive environment.
Tap Dance Classes - Redland DanceRedland Dance


Dynamic and rhythmic, our Tap classes develop creativity and individuality. Exams in Tapatak Oz are available at all levels.
Kids Jazz Dance Classes - Redland DanceRedland Dance


In our age appropriate jazz classes, you can be sure that students grow in confidence and ability learning a variety of Jazz styles.
Kids Ballet Classes Cleveland - Redland Dance SchoolRedland Dance


Developmentally designed for children of this age group, our ballet classes inspire a love of dance and classical music.
Acro Classes Cleveland - Redland DanceRedland Dance


Students will develop strength and flexibility which is essential in order to safely execute acro moves. Everyone loves acro!